2011 -SSI official license of KIKISAKESHI(Sake sommelier) acquired.
2016 –SSI INTERNATIONAL KIKISAKESHI(International Sake sommelier) acquired.
2017 -SSI official license of Shochu KIKISAKESHI(Shochu sommelier) acquired.
2017 -SSI official license of Nihonshugakukoshi(Sake study instructor) acquired.
2018 -SSI official license of SAKASHO(Sake Taster) acquired.


桜酒亭(Osaketei)nbsp;代表 磯野カオリ(Kaori Isono)

Kaori Isono -磯野 カオリ-

2007 to present –Hosting kids’ English school at home.

March 2014 –Finished seventh ”Workshop for female entrepreneurs” at Totsuka.

April 2014 –Attended Sake associated party. Hosted a lecture and event of Sake.

Opened Yokohama Osaketei(横浜 桜酒亭), sake gift shop.

Business Contents

Cooperating to organize a party, such as selecting sake, holding small seminar and hosting welcome party etc.(*English is available. Able to work as a support staff in big party. )

Hosting Sake workshop for beginners.

Giving a lecture in restaurants and culture schools.

Hosting an event associated with Sake.

Online shop, Nihonsyu Gift Salon Osaketei.

Work experience

April 2014 -Started giving a lecture about Sake for beginners in restaurants.

Started hosting monthly sake bar at Noge.

June 2014 -Attended in Nissan’s party for oversea dealers as a Sake sommelier.

October 2014 -Attended in a party for foreign lawyers as a Sake sommelier.

February 2015 -Attended in a private event for foreign IT companies as a Sake sommelier.

March 2015 -Started giving a Lecture in Kanagawa-kyousai-furea.

Three aims of Osaketei

  1. To spread the enjoyments of tasting and choosing sake to those who are not familiar
    with sake internationally.
  2. To promote Sake produced in Kanagawa in local residents.
  3. To promote Sake produced in Tohoku as for continuous supports.



Kaori Isono

Phone:090-3518-9947 (10:00~19:00)

E-mail : isonokaori@osaketei15.com

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Please do bank transfer as deposit beforehand within one week before the party date.

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